About Little Stars Academy

Little Stars Academy (LSA) was founded by me, Mr Anpa, and my wife, Ms Prema.

We are married with a primary school going child. I majored in Business and have worked in various industries before embarking on a learning journey in preschool education. I have about 10 years of experience in pre-school industry where I managed a child care centre. During this time, I have successfully attained a Diploma in Pre School Education and Teaching. I believe the experience and knowledge in my foundation education framework will propel me to continue to nurture our children in all aspects of holistic development.

Ms Prema is from Education and Health Care industry. Her knowledge in health aspects was instrumental for developing our well balanced nutritional menu. We tried to develop a menu with varieties, nutritional and enticing to our children. The objective is to help children get the nourishment and energy they need to support their growth and ability to learn by providing healthy meals. Promoting healthy eating habits will also help them make healthier choices as they become adults.

The motivation for embarking on student care industry comes from our Primary school-going child. We have seen how precious time has been wasted once our child reaches home after school. We realized that the non-systematic and comfort of the home is not a conducive environment for a child’s education. Therefore, we took over a student care centre not only for our child’s benefit, but for other children to benefit as well.

We aim to educate and nurture our students of varied abilities to realize their full potentials so as to develop them into upright, moral and useful citizens of excellent caliber. In order to materialize the aim, we invite parents/guardians/care-takers to work hand-in-hand with us to attain the holistic excellence.

Our Educators

The teachers at Little Stars Academy are a team of dedicated professionals equipped with the right character, when it comes to nurturing the children. We selectively hire teachers of high quality for our children, whom we know would truly care and be sensitive to the children’s needs.

They are also a team of passionate and dedicated educators, who would give their very best, when it comes to our child development. Determination, Self-Motivation, Pride and High Regards for teaching are the hallmarks of our educators.

What The Parents Say

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